M. Renee Benham


renee benham sm(2)Hello. I am M. Renee Benham, a Postdoctoral Fellow Visiting Assistant Professor in English at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.

My dissertation, Beyond Nightingale: The Transformation of Nursing in Victorian and World War I Literature, traces the evolution of the literary representation of nursing from a denigrated and despised last resort for poor widows to an esteemed, efficient profession for middle-class British women. Visit my research page to learn more. My research interests also include, but are not limited to, Sherlock Holmes, nineteenth-century sanitary reform writing, and World War I literature.

My scholarly interests inform the many courses that I teach at Ohio University, including freshman and junior-level composition and rhetoric courses themed on Sherlock Holmes, online composition courses for nursing students utilizing World War I nursing memoirs, and Introduction to Literature courses in which we read adventure novels from Candide to Harry Potter. Visit my teaching page for more information on my courses and teaching pedagogy.

I currently live in Lancaster, Ohio.

For more information, feel free to examine my CV or contact me.